Health Club Insurance

Health Club Equipment Opening a Health Club involves a great deal of risk management and up-front investment. Even with the best lawyers writing your release documents and personal waivers, you can still end up being held liable for an injury occurring on your equipment. Health Club Insurance provides liability protection not only for your club, but for your employees as well.

At Gaspar Insurance, we offer you special programs for health clubs and fitness centers through Hanover Insurance Group and United States Liability. We also guarantee you reduction of “experience modification” on workers compensation policies by closing old claims and reduce existing claims through our Accucomp program. We have extremely competitive rates on all fitness related businesses, to save your business money from the very start.

Are you a personal trainer? We can help you as well. Gaspar Insurance offers special programs for for personal trainers just like you.

Protect your Health Club against claims involving:
  • Slander, wrongful invasion of privacy, and libel
  • Trip-and-fall claims
  • Professional Liability
  • Sexual Abuse Liability
  • Much, much more..
Many Plans Available, including:
  • Liability Only
  • Property Only
  • Liability and Property

For more information on how we can help you protect your Health Club or fitness-related
business, call 1-818-302-3060 ext. 1 to request a free quote.