Saay W.

I wanted a better deal and was tired of the runaround that my insurance company kept giving me. So I decided to start looking around. Gaspar Insurance was only my second call but I immediately knew I wouldn’t need to look further. I was so fortunate to have Chris help me out. He instantly made me feel at ease by his ability to connect with my concerns and quickly provide potential solutions. Most of the deals he found me were way better than what I already had. It’s amazing how much I’m saving. I’m seriously kicking myself for not doing this sooner. The greatest thing was Chris explained to me a lot of the jargon in a way I could understand. Even with all my questions (there were many) he kept a positive attitude while breaking everything down for me. He even made me laugh a few times. For once it felt like I was truly apart of making an educated decision with confidence about my future. How often can anyone say that? Highly recommended!!!